Our Story

Spreading love and health

In 2012, when a little boy was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome, his desperate father took him to visit all the doctors who could possibly cure his son. Nevertheless the father was disappointed again and again. Eventually he was told there was no cure for this son. Where there seemed no hope left, the silver lining behind the clouds manifested itself.

One day, the saddened father met a distinguished neurological doctor and the doctor suggested him to try chiropractic therapy. In a few weeks, the miracle was bestowed. The little boy was completely cured. Needless to say, the father was ecstatic with joy and happiness. He relentlessly share his story with family and friends. But he didn't stop there. Being a talented electro mechanical engineer himself, he wanted to do more. He wanted to build a massager that works just like the miraculous therapy conducted by the most accomplished chiropractor and make the product affordable and accessible to everyone. Thus FITTOP was born.

Full body massage therapy system

As a pioneer in therapeutic massage space, Fittop was established in 2006, specializing in design, manufacturing and distribution of health & personal care massage products.  All Fittop products combine Fittop's deep knowledge and expertise in material, device design and human factors.  Over the years, Fittop has established itself as the unique three-in-one health solution known as the ---“ Therapeutic Massage Health System”.

Determined to help more people to stay healthy so they can chase their own dreams, FITTOP has since developed a full range of portable massage products, taking care of people's massage needs for scalp, neck, back, arm, leg, foot and full body. FITTOP's massage product portfolio covers everyone from head to toe, suitable for the hectic professionals, little ones as well as seniors. All FITTOP products are developed based on the findings from the universal health report, incorporating concepts from ancient Chinese acupuncture theory and pressure points, and fused into final product with the aid from top Germany industrial design firm. The end result are products with easy-to-use functions and sleek design that rejuvenate your body, activate your energy from your own wellspring.

Who we are

Our people are the sincere, ready to help, most hardworking and talented in the business. We’re an happy collection of health experts, engineers, designers, scientists, artists, and dream-chasers!