Relieve migraine and headache by massaging your pressure points with Fittop electric scalp massager

Step by step guide for relieving migraine and headache by massaging 5 critical pressure points with Fittop electric scalp massager and your hand.

Whatever the reason, when migraine hits, it is simply torturing.  You want to get rid of it as fast as possible.  Usually if the migraine or headache is triggered by stress, a few day's good rest will take care of it.  But still while you are in the midst of the pain, you want to do something to alleviate it.  Sure, pressure point focused massage comes to the rescue. 

Pressure point or acupuncture point is a concept from Chinese medicine. Stimulating the pressure point can help restore the flow of qi, or energy.  If you have watched "Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny", you are familiar with Hero Chi.  Hero chi is a special power belonging to only a select number of Kunfu master. But in Chinese philosophy, it is believed that each person has the qi or energy and it is the critical life force of every person.   

Now we are going to review the 5 most important pressure points that you want to massage to help you activate the flow of energy, increase blood circulation and help you alleviate pain and reduce stress.  Some of the pressure point, you will need to use our Fittop electric scalp massager, while other points you can simply apply pressure from your finger. 

Third Eye

Third eye is the pressure point between eyebrows where the nose bridge starts. Use your thumb, index or middle finger to press on your third eye for one minutes. You can simply apply pressure to the third eye or massage the area in a sweeping circular motion.  Pressing this pressure point will stimulate the pineal gland which is responsible for producing melatonin. Studies show melatonin regulation can bring significant  migraines relief.  Other benefits of third eye massage includes relaxing, and clearing the mind, reducing stress and helping with sinus inflammation. 


Drilling Bamboo with Thumb and Index Finger

Drilling bamboo, also called bright light,resides at the either side of the spot where ridge of your eyebrows meet the edge  your nose.  Use your index finger or thumb to press the two pressure points with equal firm strength, and hold for 10 seconds. It not only good to relieve migraine but also ease strain in your eye, beneficial for sinus and allergy relief.



Wind Mansion Pressure Point with Fittop electric scalp massager

It's a pressure point found at the base of the skull just below the bottom ridge of the skull cap at the top of the neck. Massaging wind mansion pressure point promotes one's overall wellbeing. Simply align Fittop scalp massager, press it against the bottom of your neck. Let the Fittop nodules do its magic.  You will feel pretty hard kneading into your wind mansion pressure points.  That's because Fittop scalp massager has 4 massaging nodules. While 2 of the nodules massaging your wind mansion, the other 2 are conveniently massaging your neck. Extremely beneficial for stiff neck.  I still remember one time, after 2 or 3 hours sitting in front of the computer working. I stand up and try to stretch my arm and legs and broke my neck instead. So massage now before you break your neck or get migraine. 


Baihui Pressure Point with Fittop electric scalp massager

The Bai Hui point, is located on the crown of the head. It is the point where the body’s Yang energy naturally converges. In many esoteric traditions, Bai Hui is regarded as the gate between Man and Heaven.  Massaging Bai Hui point will increase the blood circulation in your brain.   When the blood flow in the brain is obstructed for mere minutes, the result is permanent brain damage. Stroke, or “ brain attack,” is currently the third leading cause of death in Western nations. Start Fittop scalp massager and place it on top of your Baihui point.  Dont' worry if the position is not exact.  Because Fittop electric scalp massager has 28 touch points,  so as long as you place the scalp massager in the general area, you will get the desired benefits.


Union valley

The last pressure point is called Union Valley. This is sometimes a neglected pressure point in western world but it is one of the most critical pressure point in traditional acupuncture. The union valley point is located on the web between your thumb and index finger. It is the small amount of crease where the union valley resides.  Union valley is an important point in the pathway of human body.  Pressing the union valley point will draw the excess energy away from the head and thus reduce headache and migraine. Pinch the union valley area with your thumb and index finger of your opposite hand firmly but don't cause pain in yourself, for 10 seconds. Repeat this process on the Union Valley point on another hand. This process will relieve the tension in your head and neck and bring fast pain relief.