Fittop is love - a story of two handheld wand massagers

We received a very special order today. It is an order across the Atlantic from Israel. The customer ordered two Fittop handheld wand massagers in silver color. The city in the shipping address is filled as "moshav haseret satelment gderot". Total 31 letters. This has exceeded the maximum 25 letter for city. I emailed the customer asking if he can provide me a shorter city name. He responded quickly asking me just to use "moshav haseret" as the city.

While I was typing the new city name, a message popped up on Facebook. The profile image of the sender was a guy with long curly hair and a cigar in his mouth. He said these are gifts for his wife and his sister and asked me if the order could be delivered in 10 days. As this message popped up, I was staring at the screen literally blurting out "how sweet is that". The wife and sister are so blessed. To meet his gifting schedule, we decided to ship the product via UPS with guaranteed delivery in 7 days. 

I typed up the order, spoke to the customer and packed the product. It is not just another order. I love the fact that we are part of the message for love and care and the Fittop Electric Massager has the ability to deliver comfort for people who need it.