How to properly charge Fittop electric scalp and head massager for the first time use

Estimated Time Less than 1 Minutes

I am so excited that you have received your Fittop Scalp Massager.  Now you are ready to use it!  Remember, before your first use, we strongly recommend you to charge the device!  All of the Fittop products have been charged before they leave our manufacturing line. However during the process of shipment, transfer from warehouse to distribution center, then delivery to you, A few month have passed.   The initial charge left in the device might not be enouge to sustain even one 1 full cycle use, which is 15 minutes.  So it is best to give your device a full charge before you start using it.  Let me walk you through step by step how to connect, plug, and charge the device.

  • 1
    Remove the package
    Remove the package and this is what should get. The Fittop electric scalp and head massager, a charging base, the USB charging cable, a bag with Fittop brand.
  • 2
    Get a Safety Pin or Paper Clip
    In order to charge the device, you will need to remove the plastic protection plug from the charging base. So grab safety pin or a paper clip.
  • 3
    Remove the protection plug
    • Bend out one end of the paper clip so you can use it to puncture into the protection plug.
    • Then try to pry out the protection plug.
  • 4
    Plug the USB cable into the charging device
    Plug the long charging pin from the USB cable into the charging base. You will need to push the charging pin a little bit hard to get it into the charging interface.
  • 5
    Get the Wall Charger
    • Connect other end of the USB cable into a wall charger.
    • Please note, the device doesn't come with the USB wall charger. This USB wall charger is a regular wall charger that is used with any brand of smart phone or electronic device. Most likely, you already have one at home.
  • 6
    Place the device into charging base
    Place the device into the charging base, making sure the contact point on the device is in contact with the connectors on the charging base.
  • 7
    Charge it
    • Plug the wall charger into an wall outlet.
    • The red light is supposed to be on to indicate the device is being properly charged.
    • When charging is complete, the red light will turn off.