How to give your self a massage to fight sleep disorder and sleep better

  • How to give yourself a massage and sleep better
Estimated Time 4 Minutes

Let me paraphrase Tolstoy. All happy sleep are alike; each sleep deprivated person has different reason.  But whatever the reason is, be it anxiety, stress or biologic disorder, massage is the natural arsenal that comes to the rescue. 

Massage has long been percevied as a sleep aid.  Practitioners and patients have known for centuries that regular massage sessions decreases depression and anxiety levels and improve sleep quality. Now scientists have confirmed this well-known anecdote with data and facts. According to a report from Emory Univerity that analyzed thirty studies of insomnia treatment, 93 percent of them conclude that massage had positive effects on sleep disorder. The good news is that with Fittop scalp massager, you can easily conduct self massage at home.  Follow the easy routinue outlined in below to give yourself a 10 minute massage every day before bed. You will feel like a new man the next day. 

  • 1
    Head and Scalp massage
    • Press the massager in perpendicular direction against your forehead, with each of the two nodule touching your eyebrow. Massage all the way into your hair then come back to the template. Do it for 20 seconds.
    • Again start with your forehead, this time, slide the massager to the left side of your head, follow your head contour and move all the way to the back of your neck. Repeat and continue for 20 seconds.
    • Now still start with your forward, slide the massager to the right side of your head, follow your head contour, and move all the way back to the back of your neck. Repeat and continue for 20 seconds.
  • 2
    Neck Massage
    Press the massager on your neck, starting from the lower bottom of your head and move all the way to the top of your spine. Back and forth, give it a good massage for 30 seconds.
  • 3
    Shoulder Massage
    • The shoulder consists of three parts, your spatula, collarbone, and upper arm. So you want to massage all three parts. Let us start with the left shoulder first. First, place the massager above your collarbone, massage your way to the end of the spatula or shoulder blade. Massage for 20 seconds.
    • Then put the massager on the left side your back, sliding back and forth for 20 seconds.
    • After that, work on your upper arm with the up and down pattern for another 20 seconds.
    • Then repeat the same process on another shoulder.
  • 4
    Union Valley (Hegu) Pressure Point
    The union valley point is located on the web between your thumb and index finger. This is one of the most critical pressure points in traditional acupuncture. Chinese medicine believes that pressing it routinely will reduce the risk of stroke. Place one of the massage nodules in your union valley pressure point and let it nip and press for 20 seconds.