What is the Fittop electric massager benefits vs hand massage?

Who doesn't love a smoothing massage from the professional massaer so you can close your eyes and float out of the world you are in and usher into the joyful dreamland?  In addition to the smoothing and relaxation your body feels, studies have suggested that massage is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. Massage is actually helpful to a number specific medical conditions or diseases, such as anxiety, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia related to stress, myofascial pain syndrome, soft tissue strains or injuries, sports injuries, and temporomandibular joint pain.  As we all know, there is no magic wand that can cure a condition just with one gentle touch.  You need to receive regular massage to enjoy its long-winded benefits.  Well, if you have the extra bucks and luxury time to spend at a fancy SPA or upscale club, that is really great for you.  The reality is that it's a lifestyle not practical for most of people to live with.   Even though there are many lower cost version of hand massage available in local clinics one-person therapy shop, you still have to pay for recurring fee for that service. 

The good news is that today's electric massage technology has just democratize the luxury lifestyle to every household.  Here I will summary a few reasons why I choose electric massage versus hand massage.

Electric massage saves time

First, it saves budget. A scalp massage of about 30 minutes in a SPA can easily cost between $30 to $100, depending on which type of SPA you go.  I need scalp massage pretty much everyday, to release the tension in my scalp, to activate my nerve ends after a whole day's work and battle with my kids, sometimes my dear husband, to increase my blood flow and prepare me for a good night sleep.  I simply cannot afford to to this everyday at a SPA or even every week. 

Electric massage saves time

Secondly, it saves time. I run my own business. There are always a gizillions of things to do and tons of loose ends to take care. Running back and forth to a SPA then taking care of my kid, attending to his educaiton needs, simply means mission impossible. 

Precious opporutnity to connect with yourself

Thirdly, other than the above mentioned apparently two practical reasons to give yourself a massage. The reason I enjoy giving myself a massage is that I view it as a great opportunity to reconnect with my body and listen to my body's response with each stroke and circular movement.  Going to a massage therpist does fulfill the purpose of relaxation but not providing me the chance to reconnect with myself. Only when you exerting your own effort, doing the physical work of moving the massager around and follows a routine, you gain the awareness of your own feeling.

28 Contactors - more effective than manual massage

Fittop electric scalp, head and full body massage has 4 massage nodules.  Each nodule has 7 contactors, which makes total 28 contactors.   It offers nice and strong massage circles on your body.  When the device is turned on, the 4 nodules, at anytime, 2 of them are moving clockwise circles, the other 2 are moving counterclockwise circles.  This double circula direction design brings unique benefit for increasing blood flow, activating nerve ends in head and body, reaching to deep tissue. 

Safe and clean scalp and head massage

All professional scalp massage provider knows that one should not use nail to scratch scalp. Because doing so can cause more harm than good.  With the sharp side of the nail, scratching cause burning and irritation and any dirt or bacteria lurked insde the nail can lead to an infection.  Using Fittop electric massage has perfectly avoided this problem. 

Slow motion and fast speed switch ensure complete theraptuic massage experience

Fittop scalp massage has incoporated scratching, vibration and scraching and vibration mode into one device. Each massage modes has two speeds.  It is perfect to start with slow motion massage at the begining then switch to fast speed to conclude the massage.