How to give yourself a scalp/head massage with Fittop electric scalp massager in the therapeutic way?

Estimated Time 15 Minutes

We all know the myriad benefits of scalp/head massage, include relaxing the tensions of your scalp, activating nerve ends, increasing blood flow and stimulating natural hair growth. With the increased pressure of modern human has to endure every day and the constant blast from social media, scalp/head massage has evolved into a necessity than a nice addition. Some companies have started to offer in-house massage service to its employees as part of the perk for the benefits package and also serve a way to keep the employees rejuvinated and productive. We are going to talk about home scalp massage. Let me answer the first question first. 

Why giving yourself a massage?

As we already discussed in another blog post. There are multiple reasons to justify a home DIY massage. It saves budget and time.  It provides the perfect opporutnity to reconnect with your body and yourself. 

Why I need to follow a process for scalp massage?

You don't have to. If you just try your best to massage every spot of your scalp, it will do the job, probably half of the job. Better than none. The truth is that when you are giving yourself a massage, you are more likely to miss a spot or two because you can not see the top of your head.  If you are not in your best mood, tired or stressed, simply fumbling around your head could even make you feel worse.   Following a predfined process always help clear clouds on my mind and help me gain the composure I need in the first place.  Therefore it is important to be strategic with your motions while using Fittop scalp massager. Plus paying attention to each of the small technique will also help you get better massage results.  

Now let us cover the step by step process using Fittop electric scalp massage.

  • 1
    Turn on Fitttop electric scalp massager and set it low speed
    Turn on Fittop electrical scalp massager
    • Press the gray color power button to turn it on. By default, it will turn on at a fast speed.
    • When get first start the massage, you always want to start slow and nice. So press the yellow button to switch to a lower speed.
  • 2
    Nice long stroke along the neck
    This step should take you 30 seconds. Give yourself one nice stroke of the neck to usher yourself into the mode of relaxation. With your Fittop electrical scalp massager in lower speed, press it against the lower side of your neck and work your way up to to occiput, which is the ridge at the base of the skull. Align the longer side of the Fittop massager perpendicular to your middle line of your neck so that both sides of your neck gets the massage. I like to switch to the scratching/vibration mode so my neck muscle can be waken up. Let the massager do the work, slow motion for about 30 seconds.
  • 3
    Slow motion from the hairline
    • If you have turned on the scratching/vibration mode, now switch back to scratch only mode.   
    • Place the massager at the middle of your forehead,  start from the hairline and move all the way towards the back of your head until you reach the base of your head where we started in previous step. Repeat this path for 3 times.  Guide the massager slowly through your hair and let the 20 contactors of the massager send deep stroke into your scalp.  This will cover the middle portion of your scalp, which is the most easily missed part if you start your massage from either left or right side of your scalp.  So we do the middle and top of the scalp first.
  • 4
    Thorough scalp massage start from temple
    • Place your massager in your left temple as if you are slowly shampooning your head. Move your way up to your head and complete the massage for the left side of your scalp.
    • Then place your massager in your right template, and move your way up to your head and complete the massage for the right side of your scalp.
  • 5
    Hair pulling technique
    Hair pulling is great technique to release the tension of the scalp and is congenial for hair growth. Avoid pulling any individual hair. Grab of nice pull of hair. You can start from the temple, work your way through the crown, the front hair line, and then the back.
  • 6
    Repetition with faster speed
    If you still have time, repeat step 1 to 4. But set the massager in a faster speed by pressing the yellow button. Now that you are familar with the process, close your eyes while you massage your way on your scalp. You feel extremely relaxed and soothed during the massage, then rejuvenated after the massage.