Fittop waterproof electric scalp massager with shampoo brush feature review

Comprehensive feature review of Fittop waterproof electric scalp massager with shampoo brush, including ergonomic curved massage head, innovative hand-simulation & 3D stereo kneading massage modes, IPX-7 waterproof, benefits for eyes & skin care, benefits women's breast, portable with travel lock, rechargeable & memorized.

Finally, your whirlwind journey of the internet search has lead to arrive at this page. Congratulations!  You have found THE electric massager that does all the things you want in an effective, pleasant and safe manner.  With Fittop electric scalp massager, you can relax and invigorate your head and entire body at home, office, spa, in shower or on the go.  28 contactors pull and grab your scalp, increasing blood flow to scalp and promoting hair growth.  Plus it comes with three beautiful colors, white, silver, and gold.  What are we waiting for?  The Fittop electric scalp massager is loaded with practical and considerable features. Ready? Let us dive in. 

Ergonomic Curved Massage Head

The massage nodules are designed to perfectly align with the contour of human head curve. When you press the scalp massager on your head, it is a perfect fit, just like therapist hand. Because of this design consideration, Fittop scalp massager ensures full contact and deep massage possible.  




Innovative Hand-Simulation & 3D Stereo Kneading Massage Modes

At any given moment, two out of the four massage nodes rotate in clockwise direction while the other two rotate in counter clock direction.  This design enables effective kneading massage deep into the scalp,  increase blood flow, therefore to naturally promote hair growth.

Patented hand-simulation 3D stereo kneading massage, and 3 cyclical kneading massage modes (scratching only, vibrating & scratching, vibrating only), ensure complete comfort and meet any of your massage needs.

Fittop electric scalp massager can be set in two different speed. Alternating between slow speed and fast speed brings the best massage result, taking away the pain and stiffness.

Won't get Caught in the hair, can be used with braids

Because of the nodules are made with top grade silicone material. It won't get caught in the hair.  You can massage with your beautiful braids on, just like the amazing naptural85. She absolutely adores our massager. Check out her review video here


IPX-7 Waterproof, easy to clean and baceteria-proof

Fittop electric scalp massager with shampoo brush is completely waterproof. The product's waterproof rating is IPX-7. That means if you drop the electric scalp and head massager in water up to 3 feet, your device is still going to work. So it is safe to use your scalp and head massager in bath, in shower, with soap and shampoo.  

One important note here the massage nodes of Fittop electric massager is built as one integral part of the whole device.  This seamless design structure ensures that it is waterproof.  Some of the similar products have removable massage nodes. The removal-nodes structure allows dirt and bacteria built up in the device and massage nodes. It is a disaster to use bacteria infected scalp massager one one's head.  With Fittop electric scalp massager, it is easy to clean and wash. You can rest assured that you always have the most reliable and clean device on hand.

Beneficial for Eyes & Skin Care

A hidden feature of Fittop electric scalp massager is that it can be used as facial massager as well!  Press the BACK of the massager, the smooth side, on the eyes and face under vibration only mode for relaxing massage and helps with absorption of all the facial nutrition from the expensive name-brand or your carefully select home-made lotion, moisturizer and essential oils.



Benefit Women's Breast

This virtuoso electric massager can also be used as a breast massager.   Put it on slow speed and give yourself a gentle breast massage. Breast massage can alleviates women's breast hyperplasia. Fittop electric massager's 100% premium nature silicone ensures total safety for on skin use.


Portable & Travel Lock

Fittop electric scalp massager is super light. It weighs only 280 gram.  What does it mean? It is about the same weight as a medium-sized apple.  You can put in the convenient travel pouch, which is provided to you, and carry it anywhere you want.  

There is a convenient travel lock. Just long press the Power button and Yellow button simultanely to turn on travel lock, so that the device won't be accidentally triggered and consume the battery.

Rechargeable & Memorized

Designed with built-in high-efficient 2200 mAh Lithium battery, 3 hours to be fully charged. Life span is 3 years. Convenient memorization function allows the massager to run its last mode when turned on.

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