FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for Fittop Electric Massagers

This post will be constantly updated with new and revised answers regarding product usage of Fittop scalp, back, bunny, facial and belly massagers. Please check back often. If you have a question but you don't find answers here, please contact us at sales@fittop.us. We typically get back to you within 24 hours. 

How do I charge my product?

The product comes with a charging cable. But the charging adapter is not included. The charging adapter is a just a regular smart phone charging adapter. Most likely you already have it at your home. If you lost your charging cable or your chargin cable is not functioning, you can purchase a replacement Fittop charging cable here

My product won't charge, what should I do?

Step 1. First press the power (gray color) button, to turn on the device.  Usually even though the device is in low power, the device can still be turned on.  The device will stay on for a few seconds.  Then it will be turned off automatically with the red light flashing 3 times.  This step is testing is the product is working. With the product can still be turned on, proceed to the next step. 

Step 2. Charge the product for at least 30 minutes. 

Step 3. After chargint the product for 30 minutes, Turn on the product, by pressing the gray color power button. Since the product has already been charged 30 minutes, the product should be able to be turned on now. If the product cannot be turned on, proceed to next step.

Step 4. When the product is not turned on, we need to make sure the product is not in travel mode.  There is no visible way to tell whether the product is in travel mode or not. But following the steps outlined here will allow the device to exist travel mode.  Now first, press gray button and yellow button at the same time, the product should vibrate. 

  • If the product vibrates once. Then it means the travel lock is removed. Now Press gray power button again to turn on the device. 
  • If the product vibrates twice, it means the travel lock is turned on.  At this moment, press the gray and yellow button at the same time again, the device should vibrate once. Now Press gray power button again to turn on the device. 

If after the above steps, the device still cannot be turned on or it can be turned on but will automatically shut off after a few seconds. That means either the product or the charging cable is faulty.  If your product is still within warranty, contact us, we will send you a replacement at no charge. If the product has passed its warranty, you can order a new one. 

Where can I find directions for the buttons?

The direction for the buttons is in the user manual. But in summary, the gray button is power button. The yellow button is memory button. Pressing the two buttons together will turn on and off travel mode. Here is a detailed review of the usage of the buttons

How long is the battery supposed to last?

For each full charge, the device can run 5~8 massage cycles. Each massage cycle is by maximum 15 minutes. When the massage is on continously for 15 minutes, the device will be shut off automatically.  The life cycle of the battery is about 2~3 years or 500 charge cycle.